Workshops with CHI-DELHI

Certification in Hypnotherapy

  • Level 1- Master Hypnotist
  • Level 2- Advanced Modalities-Behavioural Resolutions, Fears and Phobias
  • Level 3- Past Life Regression Therapies
  • Level 4- Foreign Energy Dynamics
  • Level 5- Medical Applications of  Hypnotherapy
  • Elective- Hypnosis for Fertility and Union
  • Integrated Module- Integrated Past Life Regression and Therapy
  • Specialized Module in Hypnotherapy – Spiritual Hypnosis and Future life progression

Certification Courses for Trainer’s Training for each level also available.

Certification of Theta Healing®

  • Basic DNA: 3 Days
  • Advanced DNA: 3 Days
  • Abundance & Manifestation: 2 Days
  • Intuitive Anatomy: 3 weeks
  • World Relations: 5 Days
  • Rhythm to Perfect Weight: 1/2 Day
  • Game of Life: 3 Days
  • Rainbow Children: Various

Certification of Access Consciousness®

  • Access Consciousness Bars® Course: 1 Day
  • Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift Course: 4 Hours
  • Access Consciousness Body Process Courses: 4 to 5 Hours


Customized Modules for Corporates, specific groups, NGO’s, Schools for training and development

CHI-DELHI is an affiliate of CHI-USA. All Hypnotherapy courses certifications are from CHI-USA, Theta Healing courses certifications are from THInK® USA and Access course certifications are from Access Consciousness®,USA.